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I’ve been kind of MIA lately, and I apologize. Someone I know IRL found my personal tumblr, and then found this one and went around sharing the pictures I had posted to other people I know. So I felt kind of…invaded, and uncomfortable. I might be changing the URL to keep that from happening again. Im not sure.

GIve me some clever names, because I’m really attached to this one. If I pick yours I’ll give you something special ;)


08.01.14 0
Be careful sugar, you'll have every creep in Tumblr coming after you, trying to get you to call them "daddy" A real daddy dom will have experience and not want to get their own self off but to make sure his little/Kitten is taken care of and she feels safe and happy! Jus saying! Don't want to see you choose some asshat that just wants his wanker looked at! And then you not be satisfied! It's about you anybody says different is an asshat! Xo

Asked by daddyblu3npinkkitt3n

Oh, I’m not that innocent. I know. I just like seeing little boys drool. A real good daddy would sit back and not be so eager. 

07.04.14 6
let me be your daddy babe, if you're a good girl and get me off nicely i might even buy you some things

Asked by hornyguy1719

Get you off how?

07.04.14 2
Zoom Apparently, you people want to do some dirty things to me.

Apparently, you people want to do some dirty things to me.

07.04.14 14
I just want someone I can call Daddy.

Will you tell me what to do? And how to do it?

07.04.14 6
cute nips <3

Asked by Anonymous

ahahahahahha. Thanks.

06.23.14 2
Leave a ‘would you ever’ in my ask


bring it
come on
do it

06.18.14 51318


So, I’m pretty sure Id make a damn good submissive. Just a thought I had.

06.18.14 6

go check out this sexy beautiful girl in her thigh highs.

06.02.14 0
Well aren't you the cutest little tease to show up on my dashboard

Asked by letsdonaughtythings

Aw thanks.

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